Nifty Future >> FAQs

  • What services do you offer?

    We offer intra-day as well as positional NIFTY FUTURE calls.
  • How do you differ from "Other Call Providers"?

    We provide genuine technical analysis-based consultancy services that cannot be equated with other call providers who deploy statistical methods. Our clients avail of the benefits of quality and not merely the quantity of calls. We provide calls with low risk and high reward ratio.
  • Is there any Free-Trial Service? If yes, how can I avail of it?

    You can avail of our 5 FREE NIFTY FUTURE CALLS by subscribing to free trial Form.
  • What will be the mode of Nifty Future calls?

    You will receive Nifty Future calls through Mobile SMS. Additionally, our paid members also receive these calls through Yahoo Messenger.
  • What is your Success / Accuracy / Hit Ratio?

    We have an accuracy of 80-90% on a consistent basis. You can refer to our Past Performance for more details.
  • Do you suggest when I should book profits or exit?

    Yes. We provide a complete follow-up for both, Stop-Loss as well as Targets till you close your position. For more information, please refer to our How To Trade Our Calls section.
  • Do you recommend carrying position ?

    We have two types of calls, intraday and long position. We provide follow up for both our SMS. Yes, that is for our positional calls. All our calls are intra-day and we always recommend our clients to close their positions on the same day.
  • What if I do not get the sub call (i.e. call to exit or book profit) , do you recommend carrying position ?

    As stated we have to provide intraday and long position calls. Call message clearly mentions if it is intraday or long position call. Most of the time you will get the sub call but in case of technical delay if you do not receive the sub call you should square off your intraday positions @ 3.29 PM, but for positional calls you will surely receive the sub call.
  • Do you provide calls during the market hours or before the market hours?

    All our calls are provided during the market hours. We do not provide any calls before or after the market hours.
  • Can I come and meet you?

    No. This is because during the market hours, our team is busy tracking the market and providing calls. Thereafter, we dedicate our time towards research. However, you can contact us via support and we will be glad to assist you.
  • What is the minimum investment required to get your calls?

    Initially you can avail of a free trial & if you are satisfied, you can subscribe to our calls and can find the package details here.
  • Is there any provision of refund of money in cases of loss?

    Since all our calls are backed by well-analyzed & strict Stop-Loss, losses are minimized to a great extent. However, your subscription fees are non- refundable in any case.
  • Do you offer any money-back guarantee? Can I leave the package mid-way?

    We do not provide any money-back guarantee, instead we recommend you to avail of our free trial services to gain confidence.
  • What is the procedure to subscribe to your services?

    Very soon we are going to provide online subscription facility, till then you can find the subscription guideline here.
  • What are the various payment options available?

    We provide several payment options like Cheque, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash Card, Net Banking. If you have any difficulty in subscribing you can contact us for further assistance.
  • My service is not activated even after 48 hours of payment. What should I do?

    There may be various reasons causing the delay. If your service is not activated within 48 hours, you can contact us with your payment details.
  • Is it possible to change my mobile number or email any time during the subscription period?

    Yes. You are allowed to change your mobile number or email but you need to contact us to have your information updated.
  • I have suggestions to make the site better and more user friendly. How should I contact you?

    If you have any suggestions to make our site and services better, please write to us immediately on our
    helpdesk : support-at-nifty-future

  • If I have any other questions beyond this help database, how should I contact you?

    You can always contact us via website, phone or email our support desk : support-at-nifty-future
    We will be glad to assist you.