Nifty Future >> Who Should NOT Join Us

We want to build a long and profitable relationship with our clients.It is therefore imperative that our clients' trading philosophy matches with ours.

Enlisted below are some important aspects that define our trading style.Read them carefully and if you agree to these,
you are  MOST WELCOME  in our Group:

  • We believe in less trades, but more accuracy.
    We do not believe in trading 3-4 times a day.
  • We do not trade compulsively.
    We only trade when there is a decent earning opportunity in the market with less risk.
    Such an opportunity may come at 10 AM or at 2 PM.
    We wait patiently for it.
  • We trade Intraday and not daily.
    There are trades when the markets are extremely choppy and we are not clear about the direction.
    We prefer to wait and watch from the sidelines on such days.
    Once again, we are not compulsive traders.
    We like to trade only when we see a clear profit making opportunity.
  • We do not have daily targets.
    We are not here to earn for just one day.
    We have a monthly target in mind and act accordingly.
    All our trades are done keeping in mind our monthly target.
    We believe in winning the war, not a battle.
    For instance, if we lose Rs. 2,000 on each failed trade and win Rs. 3,000 on each winning trade, our target in a month with an investment of Rs. 10,000 will be to have at least 15 of these winning trades ( 15 X 3000= Rs. 45,000 ).
    In such a case, even if we lose Rs. 2,000 on 5 trading days ( 5 X 2000 = 10,000 ), we still achieving our monthly targets.
  • It is important that we trade emotionless, without greed or fear. Nobody can be 100% right in anything, leave alone the markets.
    An emotionless trader carries out his trades like a computer, with precision.
    Even if that means taking a loss when a stop-loss hits or seeing your targets being met after the stop-loss is hit.
    Never think about a trade which is past.
    Always think about the next trade.
    It takes a lot of courage to accept defeat and loss in the market.
    A successful trader should have it.
  • All our messages are to be followed with discipline.
    If you believe in the qualities listed above, this will follow.
    If not, well, why join us at all? You have decided to join us based on our performance, right? That performance is based on the assumption that members have followed all our messages without thinking.
    We are here thinking for you. Just follow the messages.
  • All the points enlisted above indicate this single most important fact about us - we are not compulsive traders and we do not want compulsive traders in our group.
    We do not like to see our clients losing money.
    And believe us, compulsive traders form the 95% of traders who always lose money in the market in the long run.

That´s it! That must be enough to tell you about how we trade. Still think that our styles match ? Then what are you waiting for?